master bedroom design ideas for amazing room

Master Bedroom Design

Give more passion bold statement through floor. Cover almost the whole area using a large rug in red color. It’s the best alternative, if you won’t use red permanent flooring. Another option, you can use smaller red rug then place at the foot of your bed. Consider comfortable fluffy rug to make the room more elegant.

Place furniture pieces into bedroom including a bed, nightstand, vanity and bookshelves.  If you love reading, you can create a reading area consist of bookshelves, desk and comfortable chair. You can also create entertain and relaxing area by placing soft sofa on front of the bed. Choose furniture pieces that appropriate with the color scheme. You can choose them in red colors. But don’t use them for overall the room because it will make the room too bright.

Soften the bed surface with fabrics. Cover the whole bed with white sheets and deep red for the comforter to give a hint of the color. Add pillowcase that feature red pattern. For romantic look, you can use pink sheet under red rose’s comforter.  You can try linen in all black or white then combine with arranging red pillowcases and blankets.

Complete the master bedroom design by adding accessories. Place red vase and fill with fresh red or pink roses on your side tables. Put on the table red candles will help you to give romance feeling. Add lamp that covered with red shades to glowing your space.

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Master Bedroom Design with Red-Inspired Color

Master Bedroom Design

Design master bedroom appropriate your desire can probably develop it from functional to fun bedroom. Begin your master bedroom design by creating a plan. Consider about your color scheme and furniture arrangement. Make a sketch of your desired layout bedroom before starting to design.

If you decide on a color choice, you may consider on red color. Red color refers as passion color.   It is an ideal color to create a romantic and sensual feeling in a bedroom. Whether you want use the color overall the room or just want to make accent wall, the color will help to give attractive view in your bedroom.

Choose red colors for your master bedroom design wall. The easiest way to bring red into your bedroom is through the wall painting.  If you want to create a fiery look, deep red is good choice. But if you want a sweeter and more romantic feel, a lighter shade is best color. Create an accent wall to make a bold statement by painting a single wall in red and cover the rest walls with neutral shade. As an option, you can the wall in neutral shade then add decorative accents in red color such as wall decals, stencils, wall decorative plate, etc.

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Best Kitchen Designs Using Standard Guide

Best kitchen designs is created based on the size. Look for many options before you start to redesign your kitchen. It is more than remodel counter and cabinet. Kitchens will beauty to look if there is a balance between the design and all elements inside. Follow the standard guide to create your kitchen design.

  • Color combination is available to create interesting colors. You can mix the attractive color. Usually, it is more interesting combined color than just one color.  It allows applying white and black cabinet in various ways.
  • Make high the ceiling to get a great difference. It will appear the larger impression.
  • If there is a space to create an island, place seating around the island gives a visual effect. It can be used for gathering space. Best kitchen designs can also focus on an island and space for other. Sometimes, using the kitchen as the focal point is the best idea to apply with other features inside the room.
  • Wood and tile are material that better for kitchen. Adding the attractive color and accessories can increase the kitchen appeal.

Especially kitchen design for small kitchen, try to keep focus on the layout. Consider to choose one of four types of kitchen shapes. It can be line kitchen, L shape, U shape or galley kitchen. Line kitchen is suitable for a long wall without door and window. L shape is used for them who want to combining with the dining room. U shape is for them who need maximal storage area. Galley kitchen is suitable for them who want two lines of preparation area. Consider to separate area for specific purpose. Each area does not too large. Every usage should be effective.

For other advice in best kitchen designs, work triangle has to consider. It includes sink, stove and refrigerator. They should be arranged closely. Make sure you have enough counter space. Between the island and kitchen appliances are enough space. Provide a space behind the seating as the walking area when they are using. Lighting should be needed at your counter.

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Kitchen Cabinet Decorative Accents by Lighting Effect

Lighting is the important element for kitchen cabinet decorative accents. Cabinet of kitchen will illuminate inside and making easier to look for a thing.  It can also used to conceal the lamp which lightens in the top of counter. Lighting of kitchen cabinet can be applied in many ways. If you want to apply it in your home, make sure you choose favorite decorative accent of kitchen cabinet.

To beautify the kitchen cabinet decorative accents you can install under cabinet light above the top of kitchen cabinet. The lamp is easily to hide from sight. Top counter will lit up well without light fixture. Generally, under cabinet light is easier to install. Put it under the cabinet by screw. Usually it is in bar or round shape. Some people tend to use them for see the top counter when they are cooking. You can also do it by your shelf to make it is not expensive, but almost people choose to call a professional.

Rope lights inside cabinetsfor decorative accents with light are a cool way for lighting up inside by LED. It is in many colors to fix with your decorating. It is a good idea for glass door cabinet which can display the dishes collection. LED is good because it has incandescent light but will not hot. It can be placed inside cabinet, either in the back or on the top of cabinet.

To striking the lamp for kitchen cabinet decorative accents, spotlight is a better way to chose. It can be placed inside by glass or under the cabinet. It can be installed by carpenter when create a cabinet. Spotlight inside will look great above a decorative platter which is displayed in cabinet. Spotlight underneath the cabinet can serve a good lighting for top counter. That light is versatile, because it can be hidden under the cabinet. It can also be displayed inside cabinets. It is also used for decorative function.

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Chicken Decorations for Kitchen with Country Style

Chicken Decorations for Kitchen

Looking for some kitchen accessories to give a country touch without modifying kitchen into village? There are some options to get the looks. One of them is choosing chicken accessories to decorate your kitchen. Chicken decorations for kitchen are available in craft and consignment shops.

  • Colors

Interior patterns utilizing chicken are arranged in French style and design. The colors of this design are coming from lively hues associated with daring greens, sun yellows, red, soft hues and blue shades. Big rugs with chicken-themed are played with natural floors like wood to splash the colors of natural floors.

  • Furnishings

You can even add the chicken motif in furnishings like tables, and chair when decorate your kitchen using chicken decorations for kitchen. You can paint your own chicken motif using stencils.

  • Accents

Add bright colored artwork images of chicken and several hens or roosters figures. Hang light chicken wire smoke bell lantern above your kitchen table. Place baskets and flower vase on table. Hang towel with chicken motif. Replace your canister set, cookie jars and spoon holder with chicken-themed.

Decorate with chicken decorations for kitchen is better to choose in hue colors. Don’t too many uses them in your kitchen because it will make it so crowded. Mix with old globe elegance will bring a rustic elegance in your kitchen.

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Cozy Villa a Como in Italy

studio Marco Piva 3Villa a Como is one of the projects of Milan design studio Marco Piva. This Mansion has 525 square meters. It is located on the shores of Lake Como, in the administrative region of Lombardy in Italy. This is Small private house made on a hill, one of its sides overlooks the lake, and this is one of the most exciting things in this house. Not only that, this mansion also equipped with a cozy terrace. The interior design in black and white color scheme is perfect to rest. Moreover, scenic views of nature adding comfortable to relax.
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Apartments in Kiev By Kupinskiy & Partners

Ukrainian architecture firm Kupinskiy & Partners designs this elegant room. They designed this interior into modern and elegant concept. On the walls of the room there are many paintings installed. This building has area of 270 meter and this is located in Kiev Ukraine.

Apartment-in-Kiev-01-800x480 Apartment-in-Kiev-02-800x529 Apartment-in-Kiev-03-800x525

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Tuscan Themed Kitchen Decor for old style

For American Dutch Colonial House Plans are familiar. It is often made from stone. This style is little similar with their tradition. Today, the exterior of Dutch Colonial style is not change, but the interior is little bit change by accommodating the modern style of architecture. Not all people agree with this style, so if you want to apply this style fix with your function and needs.

It has an interesting appearance and with functional style. There is a symmetric door on both sides. It has neat impression and looks conservative. This home will look simple and elegant by using various material and size. It also separated in some part. Each of part has different boundaries. The separated room is suitable for them who want to keep their privacy. It is suitable for them who has a busy activity because there are many room.

Usually Dutch Colonial House Plans can build in one floor and two floors. To build two floors type is lower than one floor type. The reason is that two floor model is need less concrete. Automatically, this type will give you larger living space.

The using of second floor as a bedroom is not convenient because it requires you to use stair. Two floors model is not give many advantages for them who live with little kid and old people. The using of stair will complicate for them. For little kid can use a safety fence to avoid them falling. The large porch in front do not appropriate for entertaining. To strike the more impression using bright color is better.

Dutch Colonial House Plans will more attractive if applying in family home life. The aesthetic function can be enjoyed in every room. But you have to keep in mind to decide using that style and consider with your necessity.


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