Cozy Villa a Como in Italy

studio Marco Piva 3Villa a Como is one of the projects of Milan design studio Marco Piva. This Mansion has 525 square meters. It is located on the shores of Lake Como, in the administrative region of Lombardy in Italy. This is Small private house made on a hill, one of its sides overlooks the lake, and this is one of the most exciting things in this house. Not only that, this mansion also equipped with a cozy terrace. The interior design in black and white color scheme is perfect to rest. Moreover, scenic views of nature adding comfortable to relax.
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Apartments in Kiev By Kupinskiy & Partners

Ukrainian architecture firm Kupinskiy & Partners designs this elegant room. They designed this interior into modern and elegant concept. On the walls of the room there are many paintings installed. This building has area of 270 meter and this is located in Kiev Ukraine.

Apartment-in-Kiev-01-800x480 Apartment-in-Kiev-02-800x529 Apartment-in-Kiev-03-800x525

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Tuscan Themed Kitchen Decor for old style

For American Dutch Colonial House Plans are familiar. It is often made from stone. This style is little similar with their tradition. Today, the exterior of Dutch Colonial style is not change, but the interior is little bit change by accommodating the modern style of architecture. Not all people agree with this style, so if you want to apply this style fix with your function and needs.

It has an interesting appearance and with functional style. There is a symmetric door on both sides. It has neat impression and looks conservative. This home will look simple and elegant by using various material and size. It also separated in some part. Each of part has different boundaries. The separated room is suitable for them who want to keep their privacy. It is suitable for them who has a busy activity because there are many room.

Usually Dutch Colonial House Plans can build in one floor and two floors. To build two floors type is lower than one floor type. The reason is that two floor model is need less concrete. Automatically, this type will give you larger living space.

The using of second floor as a bedroom is not convenient because it requires you to use stair. Two floors model is not give many advantages for them who live with little kid and old people. The using of stair will complicate for them. For little kid can use a safety fence to avoid them falling. The large porch in front do not appropriate for entertaining. To strike the more impression using bright color is better.

Dutch Colonial House Plans will more attractive if applying in family home life. The aesthetic function can be enjoyed in every room. But you have to keep in mind to decide using that style and consider with your necessity.


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